Pressure Gauge Accessories


SNUBBER : Snubber is intended to suppress the effect of sudden pressure pulses and fluctuation of pressure peaks. It is provided with adjustable screw to restrict the flow as per operating condition.
MOC : SS 304, SS 316.
GAUGE SAVER : Gauge saver is intended to protect pressure gauge against the effect of pressure that exceed the maximum pressure rating of the pressure gauge.
MOC : SS 304, SS 316.
GAUGE SYPHON : Pigtail Type & 'U' shaped siphon are intended to protect pressure gauge from the effect of hot pressure media such as steam and also to reduce the effect of rapid pressure surge. The steam condensate inside the coil of siphon prevent direct contact.
MOC : Casbon Steel, SS 304 & SS 316
GAUGE COCK & NEEDLE VALVE : Needle valve is intended to isolate the pressure gauge from pressure medium or to throttle and to damp pressure pulses.
MOC : SS 304, SS 316

MANIFOLD : Manifold is intended for isolating and pressure equalizing.
M O C : SS 304, SS 316.

COMPARISON TESTER : Comparison tester is intended to compare the reading of tested pressure gauge & master pressure gauge by pressure balancing method.
M O C : SS 304.